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Audible Notifications

Easily Customize Sound Notifications with Us

At Jasmin Online Dating, we provide a user-friendly experience that allows you to customize your settings for maximum comfort. One of our recent updates includes the ability to turn sound notifications on or off for specific girls you want to chat with.

This feature ensures that other members won't disturb you while you're engaged in activities like playing computer games or doing housework. You'll only receive sound notifications for the selected beautiful ladies you want to chat with online.

How does it work?

Using this function is simple. Just visit the profile of any girl, and in the top right corner, you'll find a music note icon. Click on it and check if there's a red line over the icon, indicating that the sound for this particular girl is turned off.

This feature offers several advantages for our members:

  • Ignore unknown individuals attempting to engage you in chat rooms.
  • Focus on a select group of beautiful Ukrainian girls to chat with exclusively.
  • Receive notifications when your favorite ladies come online and invite you to chat.
  • Turn off sound notifications for members who may annoy you with different propositions.

Remember, you can easily turn the sound notifications back on whenever you want, without any limitations.

This option is completely free, with no additional charges. Based on our experience, members find this feature highly useful, especially when they have a large circle of communication. It can also be helpful in situations where they only want to speak to a specific girl and avoid interruptions from others.

Should I turn off the sound notifications?

We recommend periodically checking and adjusting your settings. If you have turned off sound notifications for a specific Ukrainian mail order bride, remember to turn them back on when you start communicating with her. Our support service has handled such situations in the past and assisted members in resetting their settings.

We strive to continually improve our service for you. If you have any suggestions or propositions, please send them via email or directly to our support section.

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