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Journey to Meet Your Bride

Please note that before agreeing to travel to Ukraine to meet your bride, it's essential to thoroughly check everything. No one will take responsibility for your safety in these countries if proper precautions are not taken.

We strongly emphasize safe travel and recommend getting to know your future wife well before venturing overseas. Additionally, consider the option of inviting your bride to visit your country, which may be more appropriate in certain situations than traveling to Slavic countries by yourself.

Here are important facts to be aware of before purchasing a ticket:

  • Language Barrier: It is a myth that English is widely spoken in Ukraine. In Ukraine, only 80% of people do not speak English at all, while 15% have only basic knowledge. Therefore, it is crucial to learn at least some common phrases in Ukrainian to navigate daily interactions.
  • Local Attitudes: People may not be very friendly, and asking for help might not yield positive results, as individuals are often preoccupied with their own concerns.
  • Currency Considerations: American dollars or euros are widely accepted and have better exchange rates. Other currencies may not be as commonly used and may incur higher exchange fees.
  • Cost of Living: Ukraine is a relatively affordable destination, so you may not need to carry a substantial amount of money. However, ensure you have enough to cover your expenses during the trip.
  • Transportation: Taxis are preferable over public transport, as buses and minibuses can be inconvenient and not very user-friendly.

How much money should you take to meet your bride?

Creating a family involves more than just seeking girls from Ukraine. You need a financial plan to organize your trip to meet your fiancée and to surprise her upon arrival. Any gifts or presents will be appreciated, so remember to factor them into your budget. The major expense will be the cost of plane tickets.

Your budget will also depend on the duration of your stay in the country. As a rough estimate, a minimum of $500-700 USD per month should be sufficient to cover most expenses. It's wise to include some extra money for unforeseen situations. Additionally, we recommend considering holding the wedding in Ukraine, as it will likely be more cost-effective than in other countries.

If you are certain about visiting the single Ukrainian ladies you have been communicating with, it's time to make a decision. We will assist you in organizing your trip and ensure that everything is prepared upon your arrival. We can even help arrange surprises for our girls and keep it a secret. Take advantage of our support and assistance when traveling to Ukraine.

For any relevant information or assistance with trips and other services, feel free to contact us. We are here to help you build a happy family life.

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