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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I not receive a confirmation email after registration?

  • Maybe the address is incorrect.
  • Check your spam folder.
  • If it did not help, contact the administration.

Why is the payment rejected after purchasing credits?

  • Check the balance on your card.
  • Technical reason - contact the administration.

My card is in USD or is the payment converted to EUR?

  • Yes, the currency is converted according to your bank's exchange rate.

I can't see the girl's cam, just a black screen?

  • Refresh the chat page.
  • Make sure that the girl's camera is really turned on (the profile photo should have a camera indicator).
  • If it did not help, contact the administration.

The girl does not see my camera.

  • Make sure that access to the camera and microphone is enabled in your browser settings.

Does a girl see me when I browse her cam?

  • If you haven't turned on your camera and you're viewing a girl's camera, she can't hear or see you.

How can I contact the site administrator?

  • To contact the site administrator, you need to fill out the application form.

Why do I need to share my photos?

  • The more real photos there are in your profile, the greater the probability of success in meeting a partner.

What images are prohibited?

  • The website does not allow the use of photos of other people, photos of a sexual nature or photos with manifestations of violence.

How can I be sure the girls are relationship oriented?

  • Girls who posted their profiles on our website are looking for a partner. This is indicated in the girl's profile, and confirmed by her active communication.

What is the typical profile of a female member of the Jasmin Online Dating?

  • In the questionnaires of our girls, there must be a clear photo (preferably several), a name and a short story about yourself.

How do you verify the authenticity of your customer information?

  • The questionnaire of each member of our site must be checked by the administrator before publication.

What is your anti-fraud policy?

  • Our administrators check user profiles. Each questionnaire undergoes identification before publication.

Who translates letters for girls?

  • Most of our girls speak English. Also, they can always use the help of professional translators who work in our team.

How can i become a participant?

  • To become a member of our community, register.
  • It is necessary to fill out the participant's questionnaire and upload a profile photo.
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