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10 facts about slavic girls from the point of view of foreigners

10 facts about slavic girls from the point of view of foreigners

There are legends about the beauty of Ukrainian girls. Many foreigners want such a girl as their wife, because she is incredibly hot and an excellent housewife. These are completely opposite concepts. But girls from Ukraine perfectly combine external beauty and incredible inner peace.

Before communicating with a Ukrainian girl, study Slavic girl's facts. It will help you better understand the mysterious female soul and even fall in love with her.

Persistent Stereotypes

The first stereotype is related to appearance. Most people imagine a Slavic woman as a blue-eyed blonde with large breasts. Yes, there are girls with blonde hair and eyes the color of the sky. But there are brunettes, brown-haired women, and even redheads in Ukraine. And believe me, hair color does not make her any less attractive.

It is also worth noting that the modern beauty industry allows girls to change their hair color easily. At the same time, experts skillfully select a tone that ideally suits a Ukrainian girl's color type and character. Therefore, you should not focus on hair; this parameter can be easily changed.

Among Stereotypes and truths about Slavic women, you can find another one — this is a girl's holiday. Ukrainian women love to dress up and use makeup. You can often meet a woman in an elegant outfit and heels, with exquisite makeup and hairstyle. And no, she wasn't going to the red carpet. They just went out for a walk and had coffee.

On the other hand, a girl can quickly go out without makeup and in a tracksuit. Women from Ukraine love to dress up and apply makeup. Moreover, they feel no less feminine without all this.

It is also worth noting that Ukrainian girls follow fashion and style. Some women follow fashion trends entirely. You can typically meet a beauty who is dressed in all the current trends of the season. There are also Ukrainians who add fashion trends to their style and create incredible looks.

All Slavic girls take care of cleanliness and neatness. You won't see a girl who went out into the street in dirty trousers or a sweater with a hole. Naturally, some exceptions really don’t care about clothes and appearance. But most Slavic girls pay great attention to their appearance.

Character and Personality Traits

You've heard about the hospitality and warmth of Slavic women. And this is not just a stereotype. Ukrainian women are very hospitable. If a girl invites you over, you will be pleasantly surprised by the gastronomic variety she has prepared for dinner. And you won't find convenience foods, frozen meals, or delivery options on the table. You will sleep on the softest sheets and a soft mattress. A cup of aromatic coffee and a hot breakfast will be waiting for you in the morning.

The gentleness and tolerance of Slavic women is impressive. They can accept any situation. Why, it’s not easy to come to terms with it. A woman will listen to you, feel sorry for you, and take your side. A girl always supports her chosen one, even if he is wrong.

The loyalty of Ukrainians is fantastic. They can tolerate all shortcomings and will even find excuses for the worst actions. But this is only possible if you have won the heart of a beauty. But don't neglect patience. If a girl notices disrespect, she will cool off towards you at cosmic speed. And believe me, she will not doubt for a long time what to remove from her life.

Another critical feature of Slavic women is family values. Family is the most essential thing there can be. Moreover, both parents and men play approximately the same role in life. The girl will always help her mother, father, and grandmother. Be prepared for constant trips to visit your parents. And evenings with your family will become essential to your family life.

Language Proficiency

Many people do not want to meet Ukrainian women because of the language barrier. Building a family with someone who does not understand you is challenging. But you don't need special Language skills in relationships with Slavic girls. First, because girls understand several languages, many people learn English from childhood and can communicate freely.

Ukrainian women quickly master other languages. Most girls understand:

  • Ukrainian.
  • Russian.
  • Polish.
  • English.

Women from Ukraine are constantly engaged in self-development. And learning other languages is no exception. Yes, a girl may speak another language differently. But she will be able to understand you and express her thoughts. To expand their vocabulary, girls watch films, read books, communicate with native speakers, and take courses.

Believe me, if you start a relationship with a Slavic woman, she will make every effort to erase the language barrier. She will improve her linguistic knowledge and teach you her native language.

Culinary Traditions

You should know one thing before you start dating a Slavic woman. Girls value cultural traditions and heritage very much. However, she does not necessarily strictly adhere to them. But he protects them very much. And you will have to respect this and not try to impose your vision.

You've probably heard about Ukrainian cuisine. Many people think these are heavy dishes, after which you want to lie down. But modern girls interpret recipes and create absolute masterpieces. The beauty of Ukraine will prepare for you:

  • borsch;
  • vareniki;
  • cabbage rolls;
  • potato pancakes;
  • salo;
  • uzvar.

Each housewife has their recipes. Girls often experiment with seasonings and fillings. You are unlikely to try the same borsch from different housewives.

Culinary talent is not just a prejudice against Slavic women. These girls have a special magic that allows them to create unique dishes. Some of them may be in the family from the great-grandmother. At the same time, girls do not hesitate to combine dishes from different cuisines. You will be surprised to see dumplings with cherries, cabbage rolls, steak, and Caesar salad on the table.

It is worth remembering that courage is valued in Ukrainian culture. You must become the head of the family and provide for your girlfriend. And now we are talking about more than just the financial situation. You will become the support of the family, a wall that will protect the fragile Slavic woman from all problems. These girls adhere to patriarchal views, in which the man is always in charge. And as soon as the Ukrainian woman understands that you do not respect her, or worse, that you are simply using her, she will leave with her head held high.

Religious Influences

Slavic girls respect not only national traditions. They also follow religious aspects. Almost every woman wears a cross and goes to church. But you shouldn’t think that Ukrainian women are godly and live according to the laws of the Bible. They respect church holidays but do not fanatically follow all the regulations.

It is quite interesting that a Slavic woman can say that she does not believe in God but, at the same time, religiously adheres to traditions. Many girls bake Easter bread and go to church on this day. They also paint chicken eggs and some fast. There are many folk signs associated with the Easter holiday. For example, if the weather is cold in Easter, you shouldn’t expect heat in the summer either.

Another important religious holiday is Christmas. It is celebrated on December 25th. And Christmas dinner is a whole ritual. They prepare 12 dishes for it, among which the most significant is kutya. It is porridge with dried fruits. Each guest must eat at least a spoonful. It is believed that this will give God's blessing. Traditional cooking of Slavic girls includes:

  • fish;
  • meat;
  • baked potato;
  • salads.

The variety on the table depends only on imagination and culinary talent. If several homemakers gather at the Christmas table, each brings her kutya. And yes, you will have to try each one.

You may also be invited to Kolyada. It is a fantastic event for which Ukrainians wear folk clothes and visit relatives and friends. They sing carols and receive gifts (candies, fruits, sweets). Usually, children carol, but no one forbids adults from joining.

Slavic women also celebrate Palm Week, Maslenitsa, and Ivan Kupala. Don't think that girls are already too religious. Modern holidays are a tribute to tradition and respect for ancestors. These are unforgettable holidays that will surprise you.

Hobbies and Interests

A hobby is something that helps you to escape and relax. Ukrainian women are often fond of needlework. Girls knit items of clothing embroidered with beads and paint. Most of the girls are incredibly talented. Women make gifts with their own hands. And believe me, such a sweater will perfectly warm you in cold weather, and the painting will become a worthy decoration for your office.

It is worth noting that Slavic women are very creative. They immerse themselves in drawing, photography, and writing. At the same time, they not only create, but also monitor all events in the world. These are fantastic conversationalists who will captivate you with their talents and knowledge.

Girls from Ukraine are fond of sports. Many people follow the events of the football world and support the national team at championships. Do not think that women only watch competitions. Many people are actively involved in sports, regularly attend group fitness classes, or go to the gym. Sport for Slavic women is not only about a fit figure. Exercise helps maintain discipline, relieves stress, and helps her relax.

Social Media and Internet Presence

Slavic women are active on social networks. Girls post photos on Instagram and Facebook, repost news, and share their achievements. For many, a page on social networks is a diary. Ukrainian girls only share photos and videos that look good and often use filters.

It is worth noting that Ukrainian women rarely respond on social networks. They only communicate with those they know. If you leave a comment, they may send an emoji or ignore you. It is because girls rarely make contact with strangers from other countries. Girls use social networks to talk about their lives, not to look for new acquaintances.

Ukrainian women are considered economic girls who adhere to traditional views on family. It is not a prejudice but a fact. These are patient and understanding girls ready to become excellent wives to a worthy man. But there is no need to imagine all Slavic girls as blue-eyed beauties who are not interested in anything other than their families and husbands.

Slavic women take care of themselves and have many hobbies and interests. Girls are constantly busy with their development and creativity. At the same time, they devote a lot of time to family and traditions. It is also essential to understand that every woman has her characteristics. And if she's from Ukraine, she won't necessarily cook 12 dishes for Christmas dinner.

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