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Expectations of Ukrainian girls regarding marriage and family life

Expectations of Ukrainian girls regarding marriage and family life

Ukrainian women have always occupied an important role in society despite its patriarchal foundations. To understand the mentality of modern Ukrainian women, it is essential to understand the country's history, the contemporary dynamics of relationships, marriage, and family values in Ukraine that prevail among young people.

Historical Context

Ukrainian women were essential in preserving traditions, from rites, rituals, and folklore to cooking. They raised their children, instilling the importance of family, responsibility to society, and a sense of duty.

Women often had to play male roles, especially during wars. This trend has been preserved throughout history.

Historical turbulence, the difficult economic situation of the 90s of the 20th century, and modern challenges have taught Ukrainian women to adapt to any situation and to be flexible and resilient. These values can help Ukrainian women in cross-cultural marriages that are becoming widespread nowadays.

Research on Ukrainian Women's Values

Many consider Ukrainian women excellent wives and life partners because they value close relationships, open attitudes between partners, and mutual respect.

It is worth noting that there are differences between views on marriage of Ukrainian girls from big cities and the provinces. The first ones strive for a European way of life and are engaged in education and careers. In small towns, more traditional concepts about family, career ambitions, and the role of women remain.

Expectations of Ukrainian women from courtship and marriage

Courtship, family, and marriage are important in the lives of Ukrainian women. Many girls are often romantic and strive for long-term relationships and a partner's devotion.

Ukrainian women looking for marriage idealise and romanticise the courtship period and men. They want to meet romantics and knights ready to do great things for the sake of a beautiful lady. Often, girls fall in love with men who know how to look after them beautifully.

Ukrainian women also expect deep emotional intimacy and devotion from their partners. In relationships, they value:

  • open communication;
  • mutual respect;
  • devotion;
  • sympathy.

The courtship period often ends with a wedding. Cultural aspects of Ukrainian weddings can vary depending on the culture and worldview of the couple. Some couples prefer quiet family celebrations or even get married without inviting guests. Others throw a crowded and noisy celebration that can last several days and will be accompanied by traditional rituals, symbolism, and plenty of food and drink. Such weddings are typical of provincial towns and villages where people stick to traditional Ukrainian marriage customs.

Intimacy and fidelity are the basis of marriage, values both progressive and more traditional girls share.

When it comes to parenting expectations in Ukrainian families, recent trends in equality and distribution of roles have led to many couples sharing these responsibilities equally.

Changing attitudes among Ukrainian youth

Nowadays young people in Ukraine prefer to get an education, build a career, and live for pleasure before starting a family.

Ukrainian girls see education as an opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge for career growth and high earnings. This trend reflects changing social norms and the desire of young people to become established professionally before starting a family and having children. Women have the opportunity to build healthy relationships without becoming dependent or connecting their lives with an abuser or a domestic tyrant.

Even after starting a family, many Ukrainian couples abandon traditional gender roles in households, share family responsibilities equally, and make decisions as equals.

Modern Ukrainian women have learned to combine traditional family roles and contemporary experiences. This allows them to combine professional and social life with family. Building a successful relationship and marriage with a Ukrainian woman is worth taking these factors into account, and then you can achieve harmony and mutual understanding.

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