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The Best Farmers Dating Websites

The Best Farmers Dating Websites

How do I find a single farmer?

Life in the city and in the countryside is very different. Today we will talk about life with a farmer in the countryside. Want to learn how to meet a single farmer? If you love plants, animals, rivers and fields, this is your chance to live a happy life with a single farmer.

Is there a dating site to meet farmers?

Fortunately, today it is possible to search at a distance. Time of digital technologies. Way to dating websites with single farmers! I bet you did not even know about their existence until this moment, or did not think about it.

There are two types of such dating sites:

  • For farmers only dating website
  • General dating site where you can set filters to search for a single farmer

Such websites will allow you to meet a farmer from a neighboring village or from the opposite side of the country, or even from another country. Meeting new people is always a little awkward. But in this case, you know for sure that you have met a like-minded person, because this for farmers only dating website. On these sites you will meet people who understand the essence of farming and who love the farming lifestyle. A farmer dating website is a place where the chance of meeting your single farmer is close to 100%

Top Dating Services:

Now we will consider the most famous and best farmers dating website (according to Internet users).


Farmers only dating website where farmers search for farmers. Very highly specialized online dating site.

  • + There is a group chat function
  • + Profiles of verified users only
  • - No mobile app
  • - Doesn't report spam

Address: 5645 Coral Ridge Drive, #293, 33076 Coral Springs

Florida, USA

Customer Support Email: support@farmersonly.com


Best farmer dating site. Here are collected profiles of young single farmers. If you are looking for dating a single farmer, then this dating site is for you.

  • + Easy and quick registration
  • + High level of personal data security
  • + Modern design
  • - Not a large base of profiles

Jasmin Agency

A modern site for single people who are looking for love. With the help of filters, you can set the search for single farmers. You can select gender, age, profession, region, etc.

  • + Lots of filters
  • + Large database of profiles
  • + New member promotions
  • + Modern simple design
  • - There are paid features

Contacts: (095) 400-87-73


Poltava, Matrosova str. 4, office 405


For farmers only dating website or for people who want to move to the countryside. Most of the profiles of single farmers from the United States.

  • + Modern design
  • + Simple to use
  • + Large base of profiles
  • - A lot of advertising

Contacts: ODS Online Dating Systems LTD: Dimokratias 31, 2nd Floor, Office 201, 8028 Paphos , CYPRUS


A dating site where you search by interests and hobbies. So, if you are looking for a lone farmer, then you can find him here.

  • + Online chat
  • + Identification verification
  • + Can report on spam profiles
  • - No mobile app
  • - No anonymous payment options

Address: 10 - 8707 Dufferin St., Suite 160, L4J 0A6 Vaughan

Country: Canada

Customer support email address: support@millionairematch.com

Customer Service Phone: 1-855-599-8811


British dating site only for farmers or those people who are not afraid of dirt and are ready to move to the farm. On this site you can meet like-minded people and work together on the field.

  • + New modern dating site
  • + There are promotions and special offers
  • - Subscription paid


Great dating site for a single farmer. Here you can search for people with interests. The site has very detailed filters for detailed searches.

  • + Live chat
  • + Can report spam profiles
  • - No mobile app

Addresses: 865 SW 78th Ave STE A100, USA


Online dating site for farmers. The peculiarity of the site is the ability to search by region and interests.

  • + Online chat
  • + Can report spam profiles
  • - No mobile app
  • - No trial rates
  • - No anonymous payment methods

Address: P.O. Box 20054, AZ 85269-0054 Fountain Hills

Customer Support Email: email@westernmatch.com


The site has proven itself as a tool for finding a partner with similar interests. Here you will find your single farmer.

  • + Online chat
  • + Can report spam profiles
  • + Verified profiles
  • - No mobile app
  • - Unidentified individuals
  • - No anonymous payment methods

Region: Florida

Country: USA

Customer Support Email: privacy@EquestrianSingles.com


Farmers only dating website. Find your idle farmer here.

  • + Live chat
  • + Can report spam profiles
  • - No mobile app
  • - No ID
  • - Profiles are public
  • - No anonymous payment methods

Address: 865 SW 78th Avenue STE A100, USA


One of the best farmers dating site. There are a lot of bachelors from rural America.

  • + Free registration
  • + Single farmers only
  • - Some features are chargeable

Address: eHarmony, Inc.

PO Box 241810

Los Angeles, CA 90024 USA


A farmer dating website with a huge user base of 30-40 million single people. If you are looking for the site with the largest number of profiles of single farmers - Zoosk will be your favorite.

  • + Many profiles. Very much!
  • + Members are singles
  • - Use for men is chargeable

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States

Higher Bond

The best choice for unmarried Christian farmers. If you believe in God, then here you will find like-minded people and your love.

  • + New contemporary dating website
  • + There are promotions and special offers
  • - Subscription is paid

E-mail: support@higherbond.com

Christian Mingle

Farmers usually believe in Jesus Christ, so look for your single farmer on this dating site. If the words of prayer are not an empty phrase for you, then you are definitely here.

  • + Over 15 million profiles
  • + All people on the site are Christians
  • - Very narrow range of interests

Contact: Spark Networks USA, LLC is a subsidiary of Spark Networks, Inc., listed on the NYSE MKT (LOV).


Special site for farmers over 50 years old. This farmer dating site contains profiles of people over 50 years old who are looking for love.

  • + Specific age range
  • + Many farmer profiles
  • - Relatively few profiles
  • - No mobile app

Address: Kohlfurter Straße 41/43, 10999 Berlin

Customer support email address: info@edarling.de

Elite Singles

Ideal for business farmers. You should look for a lone farmer here if you're looking for a businessman or businesswoman. On this farmer dating site, there are people who have changed their office to the field.

  • + 85% of users have above-secondary education
  • + Can report spam profiles
  • + There is an online chat
  • - Unidentified individuals
  • - No anonymous payment methods

Address: Kohlfurter Straße 41/43, 10999 Berlin

Customer support email address: info@edarling.de


A new site created to find people with similar interests, among which you can meet a single farmer.

  • + Online chat
  • + Personal profiles
  • + Anonymous payment methods
  • - No mobile app
  • - Unidentified individuals
  • - The site is too young

Address: Barham Court, Teston, ME18 5BZ Maidstone

Customer Support Email: support@seeking-affairs.com


One of the oldest farmers dating website, which will help you find new acquaintances, new people and love.

  • + Mobile application
  • + Online chat
  • + Can report spam profiles
  • - Unidentified individuals
  • - No anonymous payment methods

Address: PO Box 64197, WC1A 9FG London

Customer Care Email: customercare@help.match.co.uk

Customer Service Phone: 4420 38 68 56 28


A popular modern site that has many profiles of single farmers. This is a great farmers dating website for finding love.

  • + There is a mobile application
  • + Large database of profiles
  • - There are paid features

Are farmers good in bed?

The farmer is a tough guy, likes to work both in the field and in bed. So, there is no cause for concern here. Be prepared to work together after marriage.

What do Southern guys like in a girl?

To please a southerner, you need to be as open and honest as possible. It's good if the girl has a sense of humor. And even better if you are equally comfortable in bed and in the field)

What does it mean to be a country girl?

Village girls are usually very sincere and a little naive. They love nature very much and for the most part believe in God.

What is a farmer's wife?

Being a farmer's wife means sharing both joy and sorrow equally with him. Work together, relax together. Love is the basis of relationships in a farmer's family.

Why should I date a farmer?

If you want the true warmth of family relationships, then becoming a farmer's wife is the right choice. Go to a farmer dating site and start looking. If you are into farming too, then there is a farmer-only dating site where single farmers look for each other. Do not be shy and do not postpone the search for tomorrow. today and tomorrow, you will already be happy with your farmer husband on your ranch.

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