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The Best Online Dating Platforms of Ukraine

The Best Online Dating Platforms of Ukraine

Who is this review for?

Like everything else, the dating process has changed a lot in the last ten years. These days, people can meet that special someone without even leaving their apartment. This is ideal for those who lack confidence or are very busy with work. All this has become possible thanks to the wide range of dating sites and applications available in today's digital world.

Whether you're looking for a serious relationship, a fun experience, or just a little fun, it's easy to find the perfect match online. And we have reviewed the 10 most popular online dating sites for you. Taking into account all interests, nowadays there is an option for every taste. From traditional dating sites to LGBT sites, dating sites for the elderly, etc.

The Best Way to Expand Your Dating Horizons

Why do sites and platforms for online dating give undeniable advantages over live communication? Let's try to explain why they have become popular among people of different ages and different professions.

One of the main advantages of sites and services is that they significantly expand the choice of interlocutors. There are online dating services for every taste.

Communication on the Internet is convenient, safe and gives maximum freedom. On the Internet, single people can get to know each other better before a real meeting offline. Study questionnaires on the dating site, learn about hobbies, character, etc.

Another advantage is that a busy person can communicate with other people using these platforms. Often single people who work a lot cannot communicate regularly due to lack of time. This reduces the chances of meeting new people, meeting the love of your life, and starting a family. And online dating sites allow you to meet new people without leaving your home and at any time convenient for you. With the help of online dating services, free women and men get to know each other and create new happy families.

There are many people who are not embarrassed if they meet new people. Especially if these people evoke sympathy or tender feelings. Therefore, they rarely meet and communicate with other people.

However, if you go to an online dating site, you have a real chance to meet new people. On dating platforms, you can chat, flirt, share photos and watch videos with people who like you.

If you feel calm and comfortable with a new person, you can arrange a future friendship offline.

Dating sites and online services have already helped millions of people find new friends and love. The main thing here is to introduce yourself correctly, be communicative and fill out the questionnaire correctly. Comprehensive information about yourself and good photos are half the success.

Top-10 The Best Dating Services

A lot depends on what platforms you use. To increase your chances, you need to register at least 2-3 sites. And first, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the reviews and feedback about the selected resources. Choose the most popular and most crowded. Fill out your profile carefully, upload only real and up-to-date photos, don't be afraid to write first and chat with strangers.

Online dating websites, platforms and apps are a good option to meet your love. We've picked the top 10 dating sites for you as a way to get the pros and cons.

You do not have to open and study every portal found on the net, because all the information about the best dating sites has already been collected for you and grouped according to the following criteria:

  • general assessment of the site;
  • number of users;
  • availability of a mobile application;
  • cost of registration;
  • description of all functions and services;
  • pros and cons;
  • reviews of real users.


This is an international dating site in English. Here you can start communication with citizens of the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, European and CIS countries. This site is considered one of the most serious and reliable. She is almost 19 years old. A large part of its audience is aimed at acquaintances to build long-term serious relationships.

This is a modern dating site with the most complete questionnaires. When registering on the site, in addition to standard information about yourself, you must indicate bad habits, hobbies, religion, etc.

  • + Pair selection here takes place on the basis of a detailed psychological test that each user passes during registration. This increases the compatibility %.
  • + Registration on the site is free.
  • - Registration on the website takes a long time. You will have to answer 500 questionnaire questions.
  • - In addition to free services, the site has paid functions.
  • - You can communicate on the site only in English. Poor knowledge of the language and the use of a translator program will not allow you to make acquaintances on this site. Questionnaires with spelling and semantic errors are deleted by moderators.

Jasmin-Marriage Agency

Jasmin-Marriage Agency is a dating site for those looking for serious relationships with Ukrainian women. An excellent option for those who really want to choose the best girls from Ukraine among thousands of applicants. Here you can find a life partner through convenient filters, specifying his life vocation, hobbies, etc. You will be able to see all users online and interact with them in every way - chat, give gifts, share news. The site has high performance indicators and the number of questionnaires is constantly increasing.

  • + Questionnaires are complete and real. There are no bots on this dating site, and members' personal data is 100% protected.
  • + There is a video chat.
  • + The platform is focused on creating couples and quick selection of potential candidates.
  • - Communication is only in English


Online dating site with beautiful Ukrainian women. This is a service that offers users a large database of questionnaires. If you are ready for a serious relationship, start a family and find your wife in Ukraine, then this online platform is suitable for you.

  • + Simple and clear interface
  • + No additional payments during cooperation
  • + The system selects a pair for you according to your wishes
  • - The online site is "young" (has little work experience)
  • - Registration is paid
  • - There are paid packages of letters. But they are active only for 3 months.


A portal that contains questionnaires from all over the world.

Clients of the Annabelle marriage agency are people from: Ukraine, the USA, Canada, Great Britain and the countries of the European Union. The service has developed a special selection system.

Questionnaires, conversations and psychological portraits are formed. There is a selection of couples based on character, temperament, habits and outlook. Pairs are created on this basis. This approach ensures high compatibility and guarantees the effectiveness of finding the perfect man for you.

  • + A large number of unique users
  • + Selection of a partner by character
  • + Simple interface.
  • - It is not possible to write to other users. For this you need to buy a season ticket.

Elena Models

A good international site for meeting foreigners. A large database of questionnaires, including thousands of Ukrainian women. The site is focused on online dating with women and men from all over the world.

  • + Free and fast registration for women
  • + Over 140,000 pre-screened single women online profiles
  • + There is an application for a smartphone
  • + There is a translator built into the messenger
  • - There is a fee for male membership
  • - It takes a long time to service customer complaints


An international site where girls and boys can meet to create a family. It covers a wide audience of users from around the world. The audience of the site is very diverse. Her age ranges from 18 to 80 years, and her range of interests is very extensive.

  • + Registration on the resource is free and simple
  • + A ban has been imposed on photos of erotic content. Moderators carefully monitor and remove offending pages
  • + Ability to hide your profile for free
  • - you need to enter your phone number in order to exclude the appearance of fake pages
  • - free services attract the attention of those involved in advertising and fraud


Smart dating system. The best online dating service Tinder has its own characteristics. For example, only the person you match with can message you. This means that you have mutual sympathy and he is better at it. The audience of the service is young people under the age of 30 who spend most of their time on their gadgets.

  • + The main feature of this mobile application is a simple interface
  • + Ability to find interesting acquaintances by geotag.
  • + The main feature of this mobile application is a simple interface
  • + Ability to find interesting acquaintances by geotag
  • + Simple registration and a large audience of users covering different countries of the world
  • + Availability of free functions
  • - Among the young audience of the resource, there are many who simply spend time here for the sake of flirting, short romantic meetings.
  • - Due to the large number of users, the application sometimes hangs
  • - Limited capabilities without purchasing additional services
  • - Many fake accounts and bots offering marriage agency services


This dating site deserves its first place and is one of the best. Its name is familiar even to those who have never met on the network. The audience of the site is millions, of different ages, with different interests and views. Here you can meet many girls from Ukraine.

  • + Free registration and free messages
  • + The audience is very wide-format
  • + Search for friends by email address, geosearch, and search in profiles and ads
  • + Cards with promotional codes for the purchase of conditional monetary units of the site
  • - Many fake pages, offers of intimacy and flirting.
  • - Low probability of finding a partner for a serious relationship
  • - Many intrusive advertisements, messages from bots


Probably the most popular dating site. If we talk about the ranking in the whole world, the Badoo service has the largest number of users - 443 million profiles, including thousands of Ukrainian women. The site is more like a social network, where there are no profiles, but it is so easy to communicate and find new friends.

  • + This online dating service has its own mobile app
  • + Many user pages (you can chat and view photos for free)
  • + Convenient search for those who live with you in the same city and even in the same area
  • - A large number of intrusive advertising banners and the imposition of paid services
  • - Many fake accounts and bots


Premium class international dating. This is an online dating site with profiles of Ukrainian women. It is easy to find a Ukrainian bride here.

  • + Simple and clear interface
  • + A large database of profiles with Ukrainian women
  • + Service can be used both from a computer and downloaded as an application for iOS or Android.
  • + A liked user can write a message, smile or rate photos.
  • - Advertising is present
  • - There may be fake profiles

What Makes These the Best Ukrainian Dating Apps?

There are many online dating sites. But some of them are more popular. What makes them successful? Why are they chosen by millions of users from all over the world and in Ukraine?

The best online dating site should have certain signs of reliability. Now we will list them.

The first sign of a serious site is the protection of users' personal data. You should definitely read all the privacy terms and pay attention to the transfer of your personal data. The online dating site you choose should not share your personal information. In addition, users who are not registered on the site do not have the right to view your page.

The second sign of a reliable site is free registration. Reliable sites offer free registration to their customers. This is done for the purpose of testing the site by users. Whether or not an online dating site is right for you is up to you. But free cheese is only in the mousetrap, so you need to choose a site with free registration very carefully. There are cases of fraud with fake pages.

The third feature is the scientific basis of the search for the chosen one. Specialists who create online dating sites have developed personality tests for their clients. Based on the results of these tests, the psychological compatibility of future partners is analyzed. When choosing a partner, experts, in addition to external data of the applicant, take into account the peculiarities of his character. In many ways, this allows you to avoid disappointments in the future life together. Such testing helps to weed out customers whose goal is a fleeting acquaintance.

The fourth sign of a reliable online dating site is quality service and feedback. A reliable site completely excludes fake pages that contain false information. It is worth paying attention to the moderation of the site. The reliable site does not contain explicit photos, as well as advertisements for products of a sexual nature.

One of the most important positive qualities of a reliable website is a professional support service that helps customers solve many problems. Users can express their comments about the site's operation and they will be considered by specialists of the relevant department. It is user comments that make the website service better. The dating site has an email address for feedback and a chat where problems can be solved online.

The fifth sign of the reliability of an online dating site is its informativeness. Such dating sites allow you to learn important information about the chosen one to create a strong and serious relationship. The user of the service can receive reliable information about the peculiarities of behavior, complex traits of his character, attitude to family life and to children. If you are actively looking for a future chosen one, use the services of only reliable dating sites.

What do we have in the end?

It is not an easy task to find your soul mate for life together. But with the advent of the global Internet, this search is significantly facilitated with the help of online dating services.

You should be patient and find the love of your life among hundreds of interlocutors.

In any case, you need to try different platforms, alternate them, communicate with different people and develop your communication skills. This will help in real life as well. And do not forget to read reviews about the services used. This will not only give you a general idea about the service, but also practically save time. Happy acquaintances and pleasant dialogues! Maybe today you will find the same person.

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