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The role of family in the lives of Ukrainian girls and its impact on their character

The role of family in the lives of Ukrainian girls and its impact on their character

Ukrainian women value relationships, hospitality, and traditional gender roles. These are traditionally family-oriented people. Role of parents and grandparents is significant as they often live with their children and grandchildren and help them raise them. This family dynamics was and remains a necessity in some regions of Ukraine due to the country's financial situation. Therefore, grandparents play a significant role in the character development of children. Sometimes, they may seem overprotective, but they do their best to raise their children as decent people.

Ukrainians are known for their hospitality. They love to invite people to their homes or to visit their family and friends. Traditionally, Ukrainians put the best food on the table for guests. However, parties are not only about food. It is a long process, including plenty of home-cooked food, drinking juices and wine, making toast, and meaningful conversations.

Ukrainians are curious people and ask a lot of questions that can seem very personal. They enjoy communicating and getting to know people.

In addition, feminism is very alien to mentality as patriarchal traditions were the norm for Ukrainian family life for centuries. The social impact on upbringing girls is also significant as people lived in tight communities and often neighbours knew each other and took part in everyday life.

A typical dynamics of the older generation is that the women take care of the housework and children while the husbands provide for the family and do the heavy housework. However, the situation is changing for the younger generation, and now both usually share housework, providing responsibilities. Ukrainian women pay attention to personal growth and professional development. Despite this and some other cultural influences from the West, women value chivalry. In addition ukrainian girls are raised under strong maternal influence and will communicate and ask for advice from their mothers,

Ukrainians know that women are strong enough and capable of doing the same things as men. Still, women welcome attempts by men to give up their seats on public transport, carry heavy luggage, open doors, shake hands when getting out of a car, or even get off a bus.

Women try to look feminine and look good for themselves and their men. They even dress up to go to the store. They embrace their femininity with grace in all circumstances.

Meeting with a Ukrainian family

Meeting a Ukrainian family is an opportunity for them to get to know you better, and it's an opportunity for you to form a real social connection with them. You should approach this experience with respect, openness, and a desire to learn about their customs and traditions.

When meeting your woman’s family for the first time in dating culture, make a positive impression on them and get them to like you as the role of the parents in dating culture is significant. Modest and conservative clothing is generally encouraged when meeting Ukrainian families, especially during formal events or gatherings. This shows respect to family values and you trying to present yourself in a way that meets their expectations. It is customary to bring a small gift. Consider getting:

  • flowers;
  • chocolate;
  • wine;
  • a small gift that reflects your culture as a token of gratitude.

Become familiar with cultural etiquette, such as taking off your shoes when entering someone's home, shaking hands firmly, and respecting personal space. These gestures demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of Ukrainian customs.

Be ready to show your interpersonal skills, as mutual support is highly valued in society and family life.

Ukrainian girls are raised in the family paradigm, providing a support system and acting as a source of love, security, and stability. Understanding and appreciating the importance placed on family can help strengthen the bonds between partners.

Here are some things that can happen when meeting your girl’s family in Ukraine:

  • When you first meet your girl's family will greet you with open arms, friendly smiles, and a warm welcome.
  • They will offer traditional food and drinks and engage in lively conversation to make you feel comfortable.
  • Families often adhere to traditional customs and rituals, especially during special occasions or gatherings.
  • Although many Ukrainians speak English, family members usually communicate primarily in Ukrainian.

Family ties are significant, Ukrainian women typically have close relationships with their relatives. These strong family ties are evident in everyday life and during special occasions and holidays. Ukrainians place great importance on mutual celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, and religious holidays. Such cultural heritage allows relatives to get together, strengthen their ties, and pass on traditions from generation to generation.

Be prepared that parents care very much about their children. As was already mentioned, the patriarchal family model is widely spread in family dynamics. If a Ukrainian girl has found a man she wants to marry, her father will be very strict and will carefully scan him to make sure that he is good enough for his girl. They are simply looking out for their daughter, as most fathers would do. If a woman has found a Western man to marry, then her father will worry even more, because you are going to take his daughter from her home to your country.

Family values and beliefs in Marriage

Family values play a crucial role in dating Ukrainian women, especially regarding marriage. Here are some critical aspects related to family values in Ukrainian marriages:

  • People generally view marriage as a lifelong commitment. When entering a marital relationship, girls expect it to be based on trust, fidelity, and mutual support. Single Ukrainian women often seek partners who share their desire to build a solid and stable union.
  • Ukrainian culture values strong family relationships. When getting married, Ukrainians usually consider not only their spouse but also the spouse's family to be an integral part of their family.
  • Typically, spouses expect shared responsibilities and mutual support. Ukrainian girls adopt behavioural patterns where men are seen as primary providers, while women care for the household and children.
  • Couples usually strive to become parents and create a loving atmosphere for their children. Raising children is considered a shared responsibility, and parents are expected to participate actively in their traditional upbringing. Ukrainian women prioritise providing their children with a supportive and safe environment, paying particular attention to their education, well-being, emotional resilience and moral development.
  • Emotional bonds and support between partners often characterise such marriages. Spouses are expected to be there for each other in happy and challenging times, providing emotional comfort, valuable understanding, and support.

Communication and understanding are vital to aligning family values and building a successful and fulfilling marriage with Ukrainian women.

Family support

Mutual support plays an essential role in dating culture. Ukrainian girls see dating as a prelude to marriage, and various customs and traditions are associated with courtship. Family values are highly appreciated, and Ukrainians prioritise building strong family ties.

Dating goes beyond the simple introduction of two people. The families of both parties are also involved, as their approval and support are essential to the relationship's success. This emphasis on family extends even after marriage, with relatives coming together to celebrate special occasions or offer help during difficult times.

Ukrainian girls view their partners as potential members of their families.

By the way, family support serves as a confirmation of relationships. When a family supports a dating couple, it reinforces the belief that their relationship is valued and accepted within their social and cultural framework. Such confirmation strengthens the couple's bond and gives a feeling of security and confidence.

Parents often take an active role in managing the development of young people's relationships as a part of family dynamics. They offer advice based on their life experiences, offering wisdom and guidance to help their children navigate the ups and downs of dating. Such mentoring is a valuable form of support in dating culture.

Family is a core value

The Ukrainian family has become a place for the education of language, culture, family values, and morality throughout history.

Most Ukrainians put family first in their priorities. Moreover, almost 90 percent of women consider family values to be the most important to them. The old saying "My home, my family is my castle" takes on its original meaning when the family is perceived not only as a miniature centre of society but also as a sovereign mini-state with its moral values, mutual respect, and love, with its own rules of existence and children’s identity formation.

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