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The main rules of communication on the jasmin-marriageagency website:

1. Communication on the site:

1.1. The purpose of communication on the site for the partner's clients is to meet foreign men, to get married abroad. Clients are prohibited from pursuing other goals while communicating on the site. Communication on the site with a different purpose (extortion of funds, advertising, job offers, spam, etc.) is suppressed by the administration.

1.2. The partner's clients must be polite, observe ethical and moral norms in dealing with male clients. Insults and humiliation towards men are not allowed. For manifestations of rudeness, the administration has the right to fine the partner and deactivate the girl's profile.

1.3. Girls are strictly prohibited from exchanging contact information with men (phone number, email address, skype, instagram, as well as links to the girl's social networks containing contact information) in letters, chat, or in any other way. The partner's clients are also prohibited from asking men for contact details. The partner can be fined for this. For violation of these rules, the site administration provides for the greatest fine and deletion of the girl's profile, without the right to restore.

1.4. It is strictly forbidden to ask men for money and gifts, including money for a passport, visa and tickets. For an attempt to implement this fact, the partner will be fined, and the girl's profile will be deleted.

1.5. Correspondence must be in good English. Men need to understand what girls are writing about. When writing letters, conducting text and video chat, untranslated Russian words are not allowed. A partner can be fined for the dishonest work of their translators and girls who run their profile on their own.

1.6. Girls are strictly forbidden to send other people's photos from the Internet in letters to men. If a girl sends a photo of relatives, pets, other events from her life, and so on, she must comment in the letter who or what is shown in this photo.

1.7. The site administration prohibits girls from discussing politics and compromising the site's reputation. Facts of enticement to another site or social network are also considered a violation. Girls are forbidden to discuss men, other girls of the site, send their photos, screenshots of the site and anything that may violate the privacy of other users of the site. It is forbidden to directly or indirectly indicate to a man about receiving benefits from communication on the site by girls. The Agency will be fined.

1.8. Girls who have given consent to a man for a meeting (in a letter, text chat, video chat) must definitely meet with a man upon his arrival. If we receive a complaint from a man that he came to a specific girl, but she did not come to the meeting, the girl's profile will be deactivated, with the removal of all accruals in the profile.

2. Communication via video chat and letters:

2.1. When communicating in the chat, girls should be guided by the general norms of behavior and communication on the site, set out in these rules.

2.2. During video chat, girls are prohibited from broadcasting video from an unconfigured camera: blurred focus, dark picture, other interference. It is strictly forbidden to broadcast a black screen, for which a partner can be fined.

2.3. When broadcasting a video on a webcam, the girl's face should be clearly visible in the frame.

2.4. When communicating in video chat, the girl must be in front of the webcam. For the absence of the girl in front of the camera turned on, the partner is charged a fine.

2.5. It is forbidden to broadcast videos with logos of any sites or programs in the frame.

2.6. The image in the camera must match the photographs in the application. The girl must have a beautiful look in the frame.

2.7. A girl is forbidden to write the first letter to a man of an intimate nature, with whom she has not previously had correspondence in text chat, video chat, letters.

2.8. The use of obscene language and rude expressions is prohibited, letters should not contain insults to the interlocutor, messages vulgar and pornographic nature are prohibited. IMPORTANT:

2.9. Girls are not obliged to fulfill obscene requests of clients, and they can reasonably refuse a man.

2.10. If a man in any way insulted a girl in a chat or a letter, he demanded not decent things in communication. The girl has the right to complain about this client to the site's support service, providing a screenshot of the violation and indicating the man's id. The site administration undertakes to investigate this violation as soon as possible.

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