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Fun and challenges of dating an Aquarius lady

Trying to understand an Aquarius woman is like trying to connect the wind. Aquarius water bearer women may seem difficult to understand initially due to their unique, eccentric, and sometimes aloof personalities. However, dating an Aquarius woman can be a piece of cake with some time and understanding of how Aquarius women typically behave. The Jasmin-marriage agency prepared an interesting article for you to read if you want to meet a single Aquarius lady.

Aquarius and dating

Generous, bravely honest, and witty as hell, she is a woman you both adore and deeply admire. But no matter how attractive and charming she may be, learning how to date an Aquarius woman is not for the faint-hearted.

  1. Challenge her, but don't confront her stubbornness.

Water bearer Aquarius women are naturally intelligent. They enjoy hearing about new opinions and being able to test their logic. At the same time, Aquarians brides are also very stubborn. They don't change their mind often, so be prepared to walk away from an argument even if you know you're right.

To make Aquarius agree with you, try to argue your point of view. As water bearers, Aquarians are more receptive to logic than emotional appeals.

  1. Support her ambitions.

As a high-ideas person, she wants to follow her passions and make a real difference. Encourage her from your side.

  • While dating Aquarius, they think they have big ideas and can usually make things happen, but sometimes they need help with the details.
  • Don't give unsolicited advice, but if your bride asks your opinion, praise her and offer honest criticism.

Don't be intrusive in marriage. Better use this time to work on your projects: it's a good time apart, and she'll find your independence and initiative attractive.

  1. Expect her to talk about old relationships.

For the water-bearer Aquarius woman, love is an ideal quality that can be enjoyed and celebrated rather than something that causes possessiveness or jealousy.

  • She will talk about dating her exes and expects you to treat them as she does. Try to trust that her love for you is unconditional, even if she doesn't show it the way you hope.
  • She's likely to marry you if you become her best friend first. Friends are held in high esteem, almost on par with lovers. As far as Aquarius is concerned, friends are forever, but lovers can come and go.

However, this doesn't mean you have to keep it a secret that you like her: if you don't make it clear that you are interested in dating an Aquarius as more than just a friend, she might keep you in the friend zone forever.

  1. Liven things up, especially in bed.

Dating an Aquarius woman is tricky because she will leave the relationship if she feels bored. If you fall into the same dating routine day after day, it doesn't feel right to your bride.

Make her feel like you're on the cutting edge of your marriage, so she'll always want to stick around to stay up to date. She's not afraid to try something new in bed. She likes to explore, from positions and scenarios to locations that might be what she wants.

The best Matches for Aquarius

Regardless of your astrological sign, you can research your sign and predict what dating an Aquarius woman would be. Aquarius water bearers are compatible with Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aries.

  • Aquarius and Libra. This partnership is lively and fun - an excellent intellectual relationship, low in intensity, but perfect in the long term.
  • Aquarius and Geminis. This is a partnership in which Aquarius is completely stimulated one second and disappointed the next, albeit in a good way. Aquarius finds Gemini completely irresistible, giving way to unconditional love.
  • Aquarius and Leos. This partnership is rewarding, and it will become unbreakable if they take care of it. There is magic in the air when they meet, and after some disagreements, they discover just how loyal they are (in a deep sense). These two opposites can make a long life an exciting partnership.
  • Aquarius and Sagittarius. Very passionate relationship. Sagittarius needs even more space than Aquarius, which gives her the freedom she desires most—an unusual but usually very successful match.
  • Aquarius and Aries. A very physical relationship. Although the likelihood of burnout is high, Aquarius loves Aries's independence, and Aries's straightforwardness stimulates their intellect.

The best matches for Aquarius women are the Air and Fire Zodiac signs.

Worst matches for an Aquarius woman

The unique personality of the water bearer Aquarius woman makes her picky in choosing partners. An Aquarius in love is not confused by general romantic details. She wants to be the wife of a man who can understand and be receptive to her quirks. Naturally, Aquarius will not be dating everyone. But the following signs are worst for them:

  • Virgo and Aquarius. In the marriage of an Aquarius bride and a materialistic Virgo man, minor differences develop into serious problems.
  • Aquarius and Cancer. These two have contrasting personalities. The Aquarius can only offer regular emotional support rather than the constant attention that Cancer requires.
  • Pisces and Aquarius. Fighting over unimportant things in a marriage takes more energy than dealing with significant issues.
  • Taurus and Aquarius. Taurus is more possessive in the relationship, and Aquarius' wife will fight more fiercely against his attempts to settle down. These two will eventually push each other away.
  • Aquarius and Capricorn. Capricorn and Aquarius have very different views on morality and physical intimacy - Capricorn tends to be hot-tempered. In contrast, Aquarius is cool-headed, so they have little in common.

Water and Earth bearer signs are not the best dating matches for the Aquarius single woman.

If you want to have an online chat with an Aquarius lady you can find singles on the Jasmin marriage agency site and enjoy communication.

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