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Dating a geek girl: everything you wanted to know

Geeks are people who are very passionate about something. Usually, this word is applied to fans of various films, games, and books. Also, these people are well-versed in computers, engineering, science, and modern technologies. Don't think that geek dating is boring, and you'll only talk about the Avengers or the Lord of the Rings. These are intelligent and educated girls with a specific sense of humor. To build a good relationship, you must respect your partner’s hobbies and support her in new pursuits. Our article will tell you how best to do this and win the heart of beauty.

Understanding Geek Culture

If you want to date a geek girl, you must understand this culture's essence better. These people are fans of the fantasy world. Most likely, your chosen one has watched Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Spider-Man, and other science-fiction films more than once. Moreover, she can know her favorite parts of the trilogies as a keepsake and collect figurines, comics, and other souvenirs.

Also, the geek girl is well-versed in technology. She can install the operating system and drivers herself and understand the computer’s functional features better than you. She understands how the Internet works and can find important information in just a few minutes.

It would help if you understood that a geek girl lives in her fantasy world. This universe is filled with magic, new technologies, and things you may not understand. And if you are serious about dating a geek woman, you shouldn’t meddle in her world. There's no need to mock the fascination with science or superheroes. Just accept the fact that you liked a girl with unconventional hobbies.

Communication is Key

Communication is essential in any relationship; dating a geek girl is no exception. Open conversation will help you get to know each other better. And if there is something you don’t understand about your companion’s hobbies, ask about it directly. The girl will be happy to share her knowledge with you.

By communicating, you can find common interests. You've seen a movie that she's crazy about. You can find an option you both like by looking through the options.

You need to understand that you may have radically different interests. For example, you play sports, but the girl is far from it. Don't drag her into training. You can talk about your favorite teams and achievements. Show her a film about famous athletes and discuss it. In this way, little by little, you can create common interests that will help you become closer.

It is also worth noting that a geek girl can be very vulnerable. Don't mock her hobbies. Usually, such girls are laughed at in childhood, and they move away from this into the world of fantasy. You must be delicate and attentive to win the heart of a beauty. And in return, you will receive tons of love and care.

Planning Engaging Dates

In dating a geek, meetings are extremely important. Moreover, you shouldn’t limit yourself to just watching movies together. Movie marathons are good. But there are many other activities that will help you have fun.

There are several options for dating a geek girl:

  • trip to the museum of modern technologies;
  • exhibition based on your favorite movie;
  • going to a themed restaurant;
  • shopping at a comic book store;
  • going to the quest room.

But remember your interests. It is best to agree that you spend one date the way she wants and the second according to your preferences. This will help you get to know each other better and diversify geek dating.

Gifts and Gestures

Gifts are a sign of attention that all girls love. When dating a geek woman, you can bring a bouquet; the girl will appreciate it. But her girlfriend would prefer flowers made from Lego or a composition based on her favorite movie universe.

Choosing a gift for a geek girl is quite simple and challenging at the same time. She has most of the figurines, comics, and souvenirs. And you will have to spend quite a lot of time to find a valuable gift. On the other hand, you will know the subject and directions of the facility, which already simplifies the search.

Rare comics, first editions of books, computer components, and DIY gifts are an excellent choice for a geek girl. Also, you can make a gift yourself. It will be a great sign of attention and help you show your feelings.

When dating a geek girl, showing a sincere interest in the girl’s hobbies is essential. Believe me, she will feel that you are not interested in what she is talking about. And gifts should emphasize that you value your girlfriend and want to know more about her hobbies.

When choosing geek dating, you will be surprised how you can become so passionate about something. These are interesting, well-read, and smart girls. They are interested in science fiction, engineering, science and technology. Please show respect for her hobbies and don't judge her hobbies. Such a girl will envelop you with love and care if you can find an approach to her.

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